Hello, my name is Julian! 
I am a product designer who enjoys learning new things and strives to create products that serve a purpose through deliberate and passionate design. 
As a curious creative and critical thinker, I love to explore the world around me, understand how things work, and brainstorm ways to improve people's lives through innovation and creative problem-solving. With my varied background, I bring a unique set of skill sets and perspectives into my work. 
I was born and raised in Chicago and Addison, Illinois. Growing up, I had a unique perspective of the world being a first-generation American raised by immigrant Colombian parents. Through them, I found a love for visual arts at a very young age. Every day, my mind is filled with an idea, a picture, or some creative business plan. 
When I'm not dragging pixels across the screen, you'll find me at the gym, hanging out at car meets, taking a stroll through a museum, and exploring new places.
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